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Launch of Project "eegan Scholar - India"

June 1, 2008

Dear Eegan Supporter,

We are happy to share with you that a new project called "eegan Scholar – India" has been launched in the month of May 2008.

eegan Scholar – India is an Eegan project that has its heart in "No brilliant child should be left behind".  This project is designed to educate the needy children of India who can not afford education due to poverty.  Without positive financial intervention, these brilliant children have no chance of pursuing education that fulfills their dreams.

The project aims at providing educational scholarships to brilliant and promising students in India that come from low income families.  These scholarships will assist them through higher education to help them get their degree or diploma in a field of their choice.

This project will support intelligent children from families with a monthly income of INR 5,000 (USD 125) or less.  Most of the parents in such families work as low salaried employees in cottage industries and in small businesses.  With such low income, these parents strive hard to make ends meet providing food, shelter and clothes to their children.  Education is costly and consistently takes low priority becoming a distant dream for these children who love to pursue their dreams through education.  Some families can't stand seeing their children suffer and borrow money for very high interest rates that pushes them into further hardship.

Our initial analysis reveals that it could cost between USD 300 and USD 1,500 yearly for a student.  The amount varies depending on various factors like the degree/diploma pursued, educational institution and whether staying away from family (hostel) is required or not.

As the first step, representatives of Eegan had met principals of 12 higher secondary schools (Grades 11 and 12) in May 2008 presenting them with the details of the scholarship.  Application forms had been handed over to them for distribution to their promising students and advertisements have been placed in the school notice boards.  The program is slated for supporting at least 12 students from the academic year starting July 2008.

We sincerely thank you for your current support and request you to tell your friends about eegan Scholar – India project.  We are looking forward to see an increase in support from you towards this project in the future enabling more brilliant Indian students to pursue their dreams.  They need your help to help themselves.


- Malarvizhi Ilagnayeru
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