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Entering Second Year

September 27, 2008

September 27, 2008 marks the beginning of the second year for Eegan’s quest for serving the society.  On this occasion, the Eegan volunteer Directors extend their whole hearted appreciation to Eegan's patrons for their first year support which made a positive difference in the lives of people in need.  Thank you!

Our Mission is to provide food, clothing, shelter, medical care/assistance, education and vocational/professional training to the section of the society who are deprived of these basic needs.  This mission is backed by our vision to uplift society by helping people directly and by helping people to help themselves.

We are pleased to report that during its very first year, Eegan has committed to educating 8 bright students through the project “eegan Scholar – India” and enriching the lives of 12 senior citizens through the project “India-60.”

Jayaganesh M. receiving Eegan Scholarshipeegan Scholar – India is a project that aims at providing educational scholarships to brilliant and promising students in India that come from low income families.  The average monthly income of these families is below INR 5,000 (approximately $250.)  These scholarships assist them through higher education, helping them get their degree or diploma in a field of their choice, transmuting a distant dream into a possible reality!

Jayaganesh is a brilliant student who lost his father and lives with his mother, two sisters and a brother.  To support the family, his mother is working for low wages in a crab farm that is seasonal in nature.  Jayaganesh studied well, successfully completed his high school and wanted to pursue higher education but the financial strain on the family forced him to work full time for low wages to support the family.  When Eegan learned about Jayaganesh, it extended its hand to help him to pursue his higher studies.  Now, Jayaganesh is happily enrolled in in Alagappa Polytechnic College, Karaikudi, Tamilnadu, India to get his Diploma in Civil Engineering.

Jayaganesh is just one of them!  There are 8 students receiving support through eegan Scholar – India.  Of these 8 students, 5 are pursing their Degrees in Bachelors in Engineering, 2 are pursuing their Diplomas in Engineering and 1 is pursing a Degree in Bachelor in Commerce.  The lowest and highest family income of the Eegan scholarship recipients are INR 1,000 (approximately $25) per month and INR 4,666 (approximately $100) per month respectively.

Annathal receiving India-60   benefitsIndia-60 is a project to support destitute elders in India i.e. senior citizens of India who are above 60 years old and are below the poverty line and are not capable of earning a livelihood for themselves.  Without any immediate family members to take care of them, they are left with no sustainable ways for food, medical care and clothing.  The project is aimed at improving the self-respect of these individuals, avoiding their loneliness, increasing their happiness thereby improving their health.

Usually, organizations build elderly care centers and house the elders in that new environment to take care of them.  However, this approach places an undue stress on the elders as they are displaced from their friendly and familiar environment that they had been living for several years.  Eegan believes in eliminating this undue stress.  The project India-60 does not relocate the people from their familiar environment.  Instead, it fulfills their basic needs right in their home they live by providing 1 good meal (lunch) a day, 2 sets of dresses per year, taking care of their incidental expenses, counseling and medical help though volunteers of the organization.

At this juncture, Eegan would like to recognize and appreciate the contributions (in the form of volunteer effort) of Sri Ramakrishna Seva Nilayam, Tenkasi for being a valuable partner in implementing these programs successfully in India.

Eegan will continuously look for opportunities to help the needy to further its objectives to serve the society to make it a better place for everyone.  As opportunities arise, the organization will evaluate and devise plans to implement new projects or support projects of other charitable organization.  Eegan is currently in the process of instituting a scholarship program called "eegan Scholar – USA" for the bright children in USA who come from poor families and could not afford higher education due to poverty.  Eegan is also exploring projects to empower the needy by way of vocational training, equip them, if needed, and enable them to be self sufficient to further their personal and professional development.

Once again thanks for your continued support.  We request you to spread the word about Eegan to your friends and families.

Let us join our hands together to put a smile on people like Jayaganesh in the years to come…


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