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Entering Third Year

October 3, 2009

Eegan Inc. has stepped into its third year of service effective September 27, 2009. At this juncture, we would like to thank all our patrons and volunteers who made our mission a success. Due to generosity of our patrons, Eegan supports 29 needy people of whom 16 are destitute elders and 13 are budding students aspiring higher education.

Ms. Shanmugapriya finished her grade 12 and wanted to continue her education. However, due to her family condition she could not afford college education. Her father is working as a bell boy in a local motel and is earning a monthly income of INR 2,000 (approximately $44). With the family of four with 2 female children it is difficult for the family to make both ends meet. Ms. Shanmugapriya learned about Eegan’s services through her friend and approached for help. Eegan promised to help her if she could secure an admission in a college. She applied for admission in Thiruchendur Govindamaal Aadhithanar College to earn a Bachelors degree in Computer Applications and succeeded in securing admission. The rest is history. Now she is being supported by Eegan and the organization will stand behind her until she finishes her college in good standing. In her own words, if she was not helped by Eegan, she would have been working in a local store to support her family. Eegan Scholar – India is designed to help students like Ms. Shanmugapriya. It is a project that helps to make the dream of higher education come true for students that come from poor families who cannot afford to spend money on higher education.

Mrs. Kotimuthu, aged 75 years, lives in Tenkasi and her husband, Mr. Velu, passed away 12 years ago. The couple has 2 sons and 2 daughters. All of them got married. One son is working as a coolie and another is working in the fields. The income earned by her sons is so meager that it is just enough to support their families but not their mother. One of the daughters is living with her family in a different town and cannot support her mother too. Another daughter lives with her family in the same village and occasionally helps her mother. Mrs. Kotimuthu has hearing deficiency and her health condition does not allow her to work and earn her living. Eegan came to know of her through a volunteer and adopted her through the program India-60 that is designed to help such destitute elders. In her own words, she is happy now with the new found self-confidence and the assistance rendered by Eegan helps her to lead a dignified life. She further adds that she will remember Eegan till she breathes her last.

India-60 is a project to help the poor elders who do not get reliable and continuous help from family, friends or neighbors and cannot lead a life with dignity. In addition, the program is aimed at reducing stress and loneliness through frequent visits from Eegan volunteers.

On October 2, 2009, Eegan’s representative in India, Sri Ramakrishna Seva Nilayam celebrated the commencement of third year of service by Eegan and invited all beneficiaries of Eegan projects to attend the function. All India-60 beneficiaries were provided with the transportation to attend the function and were treated with the hospitality they had never experienced in their life. Kudos to Sri Ramakrishna Seva Nilayam for their kind hearted hospitality.

The hopes and realities of beneficiaries, like Ms. Shanmugapriya and Mrs. Kotimuthu, thrive on the generous gifts of patrons like you. We look forward for your continuing support. Kindly spread the word about Eegan among your family, friends and co-workers.

Thank you very much for your support.

- Volunteer Directors of Eegan


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