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eegan Scholar - India

eegan Scholar – India is an Eegan project that aims to educate the promising poor children in India helping them to transmute their dreams into reality.  This project is designed to provide financial support to these children who can not afford education due to poverty.



India-60 is an Eegan sponsored humanitarian project to support the needy senior citizens of India who are above 60 years old and are below the poverty line.  These senior citizens are not capable of earning a livelihood for themselves.  Without any immediate family members to take care of them, they are left alone with no sustainable ways for food and health care.


eegan Scholar - USA

eegan Scholar – USA is an Eegan educational project that has its heart in “No brilliant child should be left behind”.  This project is designed to educate the needy children of the USA who can not afford education due to poverty.  Without positive financial intervention, these brilliant students have no chance of pursuing education that fulfills their dreams.


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